May is better than April

I’ve noticed that I’m spending more time in the comments of other blogger’s than my own blog again. I can’t use the excuse that I have nothing to say, because I always have something to say.

So, let’s catch up from my last post, and just in general. April was all kinds of Hell for so many people I know and my house had it’s share of woes. April is over though, and good riddance!

Ben continues to do well at his new school. In fact, the day after my last post, he came home with a picture in his backpack of him sitting on a pony. Yes, he got to ride a pony at school. How cool is that?! He still tells me “No school” every morning, but I think it’s just him holding to the Kid Code that doesn’t allow for any enthusiasm for school.

My younger daughter and her partner have both found jobs. My daughter lost her job over health related absences and lateness in April and her partner hasn’t worked since January, so this is awesome. Now they can start paying their way and money won’t be so tight. We can pay down the credit cards that have been supplying groceries.

I went to my appointment with my new primary care doctor and it went well. I like him. They took blood, referred me for a boob squish (aka mammogram) and scheduled a follow up for a physical. I’m not looking forward to that because he wants to do a full physical. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about here. It’s been years (decades?) since I had everything checked, so I’m due. And, I’ve never had a boob squish so that definitely needs to be checked. Also, he’s going to write that letter for my pain management doctor. YAY!

We’re only a little over a week into May, but already it’s so much better than April. Now hopefully I didn’t just jinx the whole thing. Murphy’s Law and all…