Me? Really?

Rory over at A Guy Called Bloke has three new questions for us. I figured I better put something new up before people stop visiting 😉


What is the silliest thing you have heard people say about you?

This was a difficult one. Beside the obvious “Wow! You’re really tall” I haven’t heard of anything that someone has said about me in a long time.

My ex had a whole bunch of insults he’d hurl at me whenever he needed to let off steam. One of his favorites was “Your ass sucks buttermilk through a thin straw.” Yeah, okay… what does that even mean? And honestly, if my ass was able to do that, wouldn’t that be an amazing feat? So, wouldn’t that be a compliment? I’m still bewildered. I guess you gotta give him points for creativity.

Which of your personality traits has been the most useful?

My endurance has been the most useful. I don’t know if it’s a personality trait. I guess it could be called stubbornness… or foolishness.

Whatever word you want to use, it all means the same thing… I refuse to stay down. No matter what the universe sends my way, I keep putting one foot in front of the other. If I get pushed into the pit of despair, I climb back out. If I get battered, bruised and broken, I just do Monty Python’s Black Knight and keep going. I don’t know how to be any other way.

Are you a early bird or a night owl?

I am a sleep-whenever-I-can fowl. I am a chronic insomniac who lives with an extreme early bird autistic child. Most days I see midnight, always 3am for some reason and am usually awakened between 4:30 and 5:00am by Ben.

If I could set my own sleeping schedule it might not be too different from this. I like to be awake at sunrise because its peaceful and beautiful and energizing to hear and see the day come to life. I used to go walking at sunrise before I was alone with Ben most mornings.

I would probably nap during the afternoon until early evening, I’d want to see the sunset and my favorite time of day, twilight.

Then, I would stay up until midnight or 1am. I like the quiet of the late night, when most people are home and sleeping.

Rinse, repeat…

Its not eight hours in one shot, but I haven’t been able to do that in decades anyway.

So that’s me. What about you?

(images are Rory’s)