Two Days, Too Dazed, Tuesday

Today is the second day of King Ben’s three week summer break. I know I’m very lucky that it’s only three weeks and not three months. Anyway, two days and I already long for that glorious little yellow school bus.

First off, it’s been hot. Yes, I know it’s summer but I melt in temperatures over 85F (29.4C) and it has been in the 90s (32-35C) for the past week. When I say I melt, I mean my scalp and face sweat like a melting iceberg. It’s not pretty and it’s not comfortable. Also, Ben gets crankier in the heat, so he’s been home all day and grouchy. On top of me being grouchy because I’m melting. Then you add his Mama in. She’s been all kinds of hormonal which shouldn’t affect me since I’m past all that mess, but does affect me in the tired and irritable way.

As I’m typing this I’m wondering if I’m making any sense at all? I’m just gonna go with it. I meant to do a post last night, but it seemed like a lot of effort. Yeah, I was that tired. No wonder I’m tired with Ben bouncing me awake before the sun every morning. Three out of the past four mornings (I think…) he’s bounced me, and I mean bounced as in jumps on the bed and makes me bounce, at 2:00am. Mostly he stays awake until 7:00pm ish when he wakes up that early. Autism? ADHD? Non-twenty four hour cycle? Just Ben? No idea. I know that I’m tired, hot, feeling hormonal and my head is about to pop off like a champagne cork.

The funny thing is… I’m in a fairly decent mood. I’m not angry. I’m not depressed. I’m not even really that grouchy. I think a few degrees drop in temperature, a snack and a nap would put me back on track. That and the return of the glorious little yellow school bus.