Mixtape – Silly Style

It’s time again to dig through the junkheap of my memory and see if I can accomplish this Mission. What is the Mission and who gave it to me? The who is our very own Guy Called Bloke, Rory… or JB as I call him. The Mission is a Mixtape, or a blog and video version of a Mixtape anyway. Rory writes

Your task is to create a Playlist containing

10 song titles to the Theme of …

The Novelty of Silly Songs!

Let’s start with this one, which I think is very silly

Disco Duck – Rick Dees

Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men

Valley Girl – Moon Zappa

Baby Shark – Pink Fong

Gangnam Style – PSY

Thong Song – Sisqo

I’m Blue – Eiffel 65

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window – Patti Page

What Does A Fox Say – Ylvis

Hey Mickey – Toni Basil

Those are my ten songs. What do ya think? What would you add?