I Need Help. I Need Tape.

Reminder, remember…the fifth of November? No. It starts there though… Remember that he can’t help it.

Okay, back up. See…this is how my blog (and my mind) works. Thoughts occur and i just start typing. What I’m thinking and typing about right now is Ben and his obsessions. He gets an idea and he gets stuck on it. Seriously stuck! Once he’s stuck there’s no redirecting, no moving on, no nothing until whatever it is he wants is done. Period.

Lately he’s been stuck on two things. The movie V For Vendetta and 20th Century Fox. With V it’s the closing credits. The song, or parts of it, by The Rolling Stones Street Fighting Man is constantly coming out of his mouth. He wants me to draw the images that appear in the red slashes in the end credits on his red blocks. He wants me to write all the names of the cast and crew from the end credits. He wants me to draw the red slashes with images on paper. Over and over and over… With 20th Century Fox it’s the opening. With the dunt-dunt dunt-dunt music and the image of the searchlight. He has unscrewed all of the knobs from the cabinets in the kitchen. These must be taped to a base of blocks or several dice taped together. Onto this is taped some cylinder to represent the beam of light. Anyway, I think you get the picture.

I need to remind myself that he can’t help being obsessed with these things. I need to remind myself that he’s not asking me to do the same thing over and over to be annoying. I need to remind myself that he probably feels helpless. That he needs a three dimensional representation to hold and manipulate so he can settle it in his mind. I need to remind myself that he is a ten year old child and that he’s autistic and that his brain works differently.

I need to remind myself that this obsession will run its course and go away like the trains, Big Ben Clocks, DreamWorks Animation and every other obsession he’s had.