Really Me – Stress & Anger Edition

That Dude Rory who is A Guy Called Bloke is asking the questions. He’s working hard to give lazy people like me a way to add content to the ol’ blog. Or maybe he’s creating a detailed dossier on each of us. Either way, here are his questions and my answers.


How well do you handle stress?

It depends on the stress. Since I entered the Zen Zone, I’ve gotten a lot better at not letting little things bug me. Even with Ben being out of school for two weeks (he went back on Monday, thank goodness) and Christmas and Older Daughter coughing up a lung and Younger Daughter having my car approximately five days a week, I was mostly chill.

It will occasionally build up and I’ll huff and puff and get a little cranky but it blows over pretty quickly.

With a major episode, I am excellent. I go into a complete TCB mode and am completely calm. Then after whatever the situation was is handled and everything is back to normal, I fall apart. Luckily there haven’t been any major episodes in a while.


How well do you handle your anger?

I don’t get angry very often. I get irked at some of the stuff Ben does, but it’s useless to get angry about it. Plus, he can feel or sense when I’m angry and it weirds him out and he starts acting out and doing irritating stuff, so anger is just counterproductive in general.

Every once in a while though, something happens and my extremely long fuse reaches its end and I go ka-blooey! and turn into Lou Ferrigno. It’s not pretty. That’s when you’ll find me bashing inanimate objects with a baseball bat or slamming things and mumbling gibberish under my breath. I’ve even gone outside and let loose a few primal screams. Or thrown myself down on my bed and thrashed around, kicking my feet. I used to go for walks and pound my anger into the pavement with my feet, but I’ve slacked on the walking so if I tried that now I’d probably give myself a pulled muscle or three or dang heart attack.

Usually the huffing and puffing releases enough so it doesnt build up. Plus, I avoid people. People cause anger.


When was the last time you really lost your temper through stress?

I can’t remember the last time I lost my temper because of stress. The last few times I’ve gone ka-blooey was because one of my daughters did something irritating. That’s different than a stress build-up. I think I internalize whatever stress I do feel and wind up with my shoulders up by my ears or a wicked headache. If it’s in the middle of ‘being a peasant to HRH’ time, I take a morphine. Other than that, I just try to relax and get some sleep.


It’s kind of amazing to me that I’m still feeling so chill most of the time. I spent so many years stressed and hurt and angry that I still question my newfound Zen. I DO eventually learn though, so I’m not questioning too hard or too often. I’m just gonna go with it.

How about you? Are you finding your Zen or are you ready to open a can of whoop-ass on some truly deserving idjit?


(images are Rory’s)