Part 106 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Dinner, bath and bedtime went very easy and it looks like we have a new routine. YAY! Tonight will be the real test, Daughter goes back to work tonight.

No clouds, so sunset wasn’t dramatic, just peaceful and pretty.

People were setting off fireworks half the night, which is illegal in California, fire danger, ya know. Zeus freaks out and barks at popping noises. I’m really surprised Ben slept through the barking. Most firework shows have been canceled, but I think a few of them are still happening. I guess we’ll find out around 9pm tomorrow night.

Daughter had a bit of a freakout about her first paycheck from the hospital. It never deposited to her bank. It’s possible they issued her payment in a Visa card (she said they don’t do paper checks), there may have been an issue with her direct deposit. There have been a few technical glitches and she sees them all as a sign that she’s being “punished for being selfish” by changing jobs to work at the hospital. I tried to explain that working for a big corporation is very different than for a small company, but she was emotional, had too much wine and it was 10:30pm. She’s decided that if everything isn’t cleared up by Tuesday, she’s going to quit and go back to her old job (the place she hated, the place that made her miserable). What can I say except “okay”? It’s her job and it’s up to her. My job (self-appointed) is taking care of Ben.

No clue when I went to sleep, some time after midnight, but I was awake from three to fourish again. Then another rinse, repeat run-by, yelling wake-up at 6:30. Daughter took over around 7:30 and it’s another Casa Cuckoo morning.

Sven was his usual self as well. He did grace me with a glare today. Awww… I love you too, Sven.

I checked my mobile bank app to see if some payments I made went through and saw that my checking account balance was WAY wrong! I looked to see what happened and a check from a radiology group to an employee was debited from MY account. An obvious bank error, but one that needed to be corrected before my rent comes out on Monday. It was almost $900 and on SSDI, I don’t happen to have an extra $900 just sitting around gathering dust. I had to talk to three different departments but they sorted it out for me. Hopefully! I guess I’ll find out when it’s time for the rent money to come out.

Younger Daughter tried to call while I was on hold, so I asked Older to call her and make sure it wasn’t an emergency. It wasn’t, so I called her after I got through with the bank. She had an interview with a cannabis dispensary and they hired her. The dispensary just got their license upgraded from medicinal only to medicinal and recreational, so business is taking off. Younger has a LOT of knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry so this is awesome for her. Also, a friend from her teenage years works there and told her it’s a great place to work. Good news.

While I was on the phone, Ben decided he needed to get fully dressed. Long pants, button-down shirt, vest, tie, jacket… ugh! We had the AC on since 10:30 since it’s supposed to be in the high 80s to low 90s (30-34 C) for the next few days. It’s always worrisome when Ben wants to put all the clothes on. Hopefully he’s just playing dressup today.

After my phone calls, I put my load of laundry in the washer. Daughter was lagging and I didn’t want to be rushed in the afternoon/evening. I planned to make a store run after the dryers. She needs more wine and I needed to get a few more things to have on hand for Ben since she’s working the next two nights. I figured I’d better get more pink cookies too, just in case.

Ben had been hanging out with me and Daughter brought his Adderall in around 12:30. I mentioned that my load of clothes was done. She said she was making something to eat. I told her I didn’t want to be going to the dryers at 3:00. She got immediately pissy and went to get her clothes, took mine and Ben’s out, put her’s in to wash and stopped by my door, telling me “You can go to the laundromat now.” and stomped away. I just let it go. She came back a few minutes later and asked if I heard her. I told her that yes, I had heard her comment and chose to ignore it. That I will take both loads to the dryers when her clothes are done in the washer. She stomped away again.

Ben moved us to the living room shortly after that. I told him that I would need to take the clothes to the dryer in a little while, but I would be right back. So at 1:30 I put on public clothes, my mask and shoes and took the clothes over.

There was mail waiting, Daughter’s paycheck for the correct amount amongst other things. All of her stress and worry over nothing. I added stopping by her bank to deposit the check to the other errands after I went to pick the clothes up from the dryers.

At 2:30 I gave Ben his meds, he’d been stabbing boxes, and then went to tell Daughter I needed to get the clothes and do the things. She came out of her room about ten minutes later. I told Ben to be good and left. It only took about forty-five minutes to do it all, but it was hot and there were a lot of people out and about. I’ve probably mentioned a couple hundred times that I don’t do well in heat. I was sweaty and tired by the time I got home. Ben was waiting in my room for me.

I folded my basket of clothes and put Ben’s stuff away and my stuff away and went to lay down and try to cool down. At 4:00 Daughter announced that Ben had sent her to her room and stomped down the hall. Major ‘tude today, no wonder Ben sent her to her room. Of course he sent her away so he could make me go to the living room with him. I guess it’s good that he relocated me, I was starting to doze off.

We’re coming into the countdown now. First meds at 5:45, second meds at 6:15… dinner and bath somewhere in there, then pile into the car by 6:40 to drive Daughter to work. Then back home and bedtime.

Tonight’s song is just a fun, summery song.

Thank you for stopping by Casa Cuckoo today and hanging out with us! I told you there’d be laundry. I had a feeling there’d be drama too, and there was… a little anyway. Come on by tomorrow, we’ll see what HRH has in store for me, I’ll bet it involves tape.