Fear and Horror

Rory is at it again with the questions. This time, the questions are about fear. Check out his answers over at A Guy Called Bloke.

Fear has been a close companion during much of my life. Fear was like my shadow, strongest in the bright light. I’ll explain more, but let’s get to the questions, maybe we’ll find the answers.



Do you watch horror movies or horror genre orientated/styled/themed type of films?

I will watch any genre of movie that looks interesting. Do I specifically go for horror movies? No. Older Daughter is a huge fan of horror and has seen more horror movies than any other kind. She was born on a Friday 13, so it makes sense.



When you watch these films do they scare you or not – please discuss.

The first movie that scared me was The Exorcist. I saw it on TV. I always remembered being younger, but from all the information I could find, I must have seen it when I was eleven. I didn’t even watch the entire movie the first time and I was still staring into the shadows of my bedroom, unable to sleep for a very, very long time.

The second movie that scared the bejeezus out of me was the first Nightmare On Elm Street. It seems really cheesy now, but just the thought of someone entering my dreams and attacking me was terrifying.



Do you find that by watching this type of film theme that you enjoy the adrenaline/fear rush to your brain?

I’m not an adrenaline junkie. If I watch a horror movie, it’s because it looks interesting. I’ve been interested in occult or supernatural for as long as I can remember, so movies that deal with hauntings or supernatural creatures are interesting to me. I’ve never been a fan of the slasher movies. Gore isn’t my thing.


Do you deliberately seek out fear or high octane thrills and spills to feed your curiosity or perhaps something else?

As I wrote above, I’m not an adrenaline junkie. I used to like rollercoasters before I was disabled. I’ve always wanted to skydive. I don’t purposely seek out thrills, but if the opportunity and/or situation calls for it, I won’t say no.

I am not a fearful person. I think all of my fear was used up during my marriage. My ex seriously psychologically tortured me. I was always afraid. Afraid for me and for my daughters. Afraid of what kind of mood he would be in. Would he scream and argue? Would he push and shove? Would things get broken? That jittery, sick stomach feeling was a constant companion.


How do you personally define ‘fear and do you think we should all live with an element of fear in our lives?

I personally think fear is pretty useless. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of death… I don’t fear anything really. I’m cautious, sure, but not fearful. I would be devastated if something happened to my loved ones, but I don’t fear it. I know that I have absolutely no control over what happens to them. I don’t fear death. I think my second deconstruction really brought me face to face with the darkness and I survived. I am an intelligent, resourceful person. I’ve already survived so many things life has put in my path, I’m confident that I can handle whatever happens. Or I won’t.

Worry and fear won’t  change anything except my blood pressure. I’d rather spend my time enjoying what I can, and dancing…

Thank you, Rory for some great questions! I like it when my thoughts go on a journey.

How about you? Horror fan or no? Are you afraid of anything in particular? Are you a thrill seeking, adrenaline junkie? How do you define fear?


(images are Rory’s)