Another Day, Another Drama

Yesterday started off pretty good. I got Ben up and ready and off to school with no fighting. (Honestly, that should have warned me that a dark cloud was looming.) I got my coffee and went through my email and was starting to go through my WP reader. That’s when my younger daughter came into my room crying.

She had gotten a message through Facebook from the girlfriend of my ex, her father. This message was rude and basically said that her father was barely alive and it was her fault. This woman is a liar and just plain mean. I told my daughter to call her grandmother or one of her uncles and get the real story.

Many many phone calls and many tears and many hours later the story is that my ex has been in and out of jail and spends most of his time in a bottle of booze. His family has tried to help him but you can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. His drinking, and more specifically the angry, violent person he was when drinking is the major reason for our split.

So my daughter is twenty-three years old and her dad has been gone ten years. She doesn’t have the vivid memories of how horrible he could be. She just misses her dad. She’s figuring out a way to get back to Indiana to see him and the rest of the clan.

Yesterday was just a complete emotional mess. I was so tired but couldn’t relax to go to sleep. I finally started to doze off around midnight then at 1AM Ben decided it was time to get up. I tried (oh, I tried so hard) to get him to lay back down. Wasn’t happening. This is the second time this week he’s gotten up in the wee hours and stayed awake.

I’m going to go try and sleep while he’s at school. I’ll catch up with all you dudes later (I hope)🌻💌